Sensor Tech Brand

Sensor Tech SA is a Polish engineering company with Polish capital only. During over 15 years of its operation, the company has built its strong position in the market of HVAC suppliers, including gas detection systems used for comfort ventilation control. Sensor Tech brand is first of all associated with faultless devices, flexible approach to clients’ needs, loyalty and high standards of business ethics.

The business has been initially established as a sole proprietorship, transformed into limited joint-stock partnership in 2013 and ultimately into a joint-stock company in 2015. “Sensor Tech” is a business name that combines our experience and history of over 15 years in the market, covering all three legal forms of its business activity.

Our expanding business activity motivated the Management Board to buy a plot of land and commence construction works. Currently, the construction works are being conducted at the property located at Sułowska Street, where the company’s seat will be located.

These days the company operates in its 3 organizational areas: engineering, production and sales. The Management Board intends to develop the company’s operation by establishing subsidiary companies to take over operation in individual areas and employ between 15 and 20 persons each.  Such an approach stems from an overriding principle of shortening communications between team members to a minimum. Direct contact with a person responsible for a particular task is of key importance. Avoidance of any intermediaries or assistants in communication enables quick order implementation and adequate response to any changes. It has been a trademark of Sensor Tech from the very begining of its existence.