General information

Sensor Tech is a polish engineering company with pure polish capital.

History of our company starts in 2004 when our present controlling shareholder and CEO – Małgorzata Czajka founded a company named „Sensor Tech” Małgorzata Czajka . Since that time it was consequently growing from 2 persons to over a dozen team of dedicated employees.

Initially, Sensor Tech was located in currently non-existing building at 201-219 Kamieńskiego street and then moved to a nearby building (205 Kamieńskiego street) as the former landlord decided to sell his property.

Because of continuous growth which resulted in a lack of room, the management decided to find new headquarters. As no suitable place was found, decisions on long-term lease and buying building land have been taken.

In 2013 the owner took a decision to convert “Sensor Tech” Małgorzata Czajka into a partnership named Sensor Tech sp z o. o. SKA. In 2015 the partnership was converted to its current form of stock-offering company.

Currently, the company is organized into 3 main divisions : research, production, and sales. Additionally, there is also the administrative division. Each of the divisions employs 5 people at max. The main organization goal is to shorten the formal path, allowing direct access to the person responsible for the particular task, skipping assistants, secretaries etc.

Such approach simplifies task completion and prompt responding in certain sytuations.