Our team

The company means our team. It has been our approach at Sensor Tech SA from the very beginning. The potential of Sensor Tech SA has been always built by the people. Age, education, experience – these are the factors that make the difference and at the same time – through the synergy effect – determine the quality of our team. Our small team of up to 20 people is quick, flexible and efficient in responding to our client’s needs thanks to its formula of 1:1 communication (direct contact with the person responsible for a particular task).

Our organizational plan is based on operation within a small team consisting of between 10 and 20 members, who communicate with each other on the basis of 1:1 formula (direct contact with the person responsible for a particular task) and are therefore able to act quickly, flexibly and effectively.

Three highest buildings in Tri-City have been equipped with our gas detection system. The same system has been installed at the biggest department stores in Poland: Silesia, Posnania, Wroclavia, Port Łódź or Echo in Kielce.  Our systems ensure safety at the PGE National Stadium in Warszawa and at the Wrocław Stadium. You can also find our devices at railway stations in Wrocław or Sopot as well as the biggest office buildings in Warszawa and Gdańsk.

We can provide full reference list for display at your request.